Minecraft Modding Summer Level 2 - Computer Science

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Start Date: 2021-07-08

End Date: 2021-08-14

Start Time: 16:00

End Time: 18:00

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    Please note: PVNet is A Nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization and program fees are subsidized If you love Minecraft - you will be incredibly happy with this course while learning computer science! IN THIS COURSE: Students will: - Advance to more complex techniques for coding and creating mods for Minecraft. - Explore additional technology such as sensors and VR This incredibly fun course build upon the student's coding skill in Java and Python. If you are enjoyed learning the basics of Minecraft modding then this will be an incredible experience because for Minecrafters, there is no better way to learn to code. Java and Python are used extensively in most industries and are the defacto standards world wide. This course utilizes Minecraft to teach the foundations of computer science and basic programming, with an emphasis on helping students develop logical thinking and problem solving skills. The course utilizes a blended classroom approach. The content is fully web-based, with students writing and running code. Lessons consist of hands-on programming practices which ensures student gain a thorough understanding of the material. This class is open to: ================= 8th - 12th grade students (exceptions considered on a case by case basis) Meeting days & Times: ====================== Friday 10am - 12:00pm Saturday 2:pm - 4:pm REGISTRATION ====================== Course FEE: $1100 Discount for cash payment: $30 ABOUT THIS COURSE ====================== In Person at PVNet UNITS: 5 Scheduled hours: 30 hrs. Students who take this course may choose to receive a WASC accredited P/F course certificate accepted by colleges and universities. BENEFITS ====================== - Small class size = more attention - Supercharge your college application - Enhanced experience - Opportunities for professional development - Students may improve their GPA by taking this class prior to taking it at their school or college. - Excellent for improving job opportunities Absolutely NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. By registering for the class, you agree to PVNet's terms and policies. To learn more, go to: https://www.pvnet.com/policy

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