Biotechnology Level 1 - Fall 2021

Registration Deposit: $400

Start Date: 2021-10-07

End Date: 2021-12-16

Start Time: 16:00

End Time: 18:00

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    Biotech will provide a solid foundation for any biology class students may take in the future. The field of biotechnology uses biological systems to produce useful products or perform specialized tasks. Basic pipetting, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), gene editing (CRISPR), and ELISA are just a few of the techniques included! The curriculum will be supplemented with topics from AP Biology and current events like the Covid-19 epidemic. the design and fabrication of custom scientific devices, bioamplifiers, and marine science. Labs will be conducted in person and hands on. ABOUT THIS COURSE: ================== UNITS: 5 Scheduled hours: 30 hrs. Seats: Limited to 6 students THIS CLASS IS OPEN TO: ===================== 10th - 12th grade students Exceptions for younger age students considered upon request FEES: ($50 discount if total class fee is paid in full in cash at PVNet) ===== Choose from 1 of the following OPTIONS: 1. Take this course for the purpose of learning. Does not include credit or certificate. See posted price 2. Take this course and receive a WASC accredited certificate for a graded elective course that is accepted by colleges. Total Price $1,200 REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS: =========================== EXISTING CUSTOMERS: Parents, if you already have an account in the Parent Portal: Log in, make sure your child has been added, then select the class you want, click "Register" and make your payment. NEW CUSTOMERS: 1. Create your PARENT ACCOUNT 2. Add your child as a student 3. Select the class you want, click "Register" and make your payment. BENEFITS ========= - Small class size = more attention - Supercharge your college application - Enhanced experience - Opportunities for professional development - Students may improve their GPA by taking this class prior to taking it at their school or in college. - Excellent for improving internship and job opportunities NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES: By registering for the class, you agree to PVNet's terms and policies. All Selections are final.

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    Includes cost of class materials

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    Must have completed 1 year of high school biology