Science Saturdays - Electronics for Middle Schoolers - Intro (ID #440)

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Start Date: 2021-11-27

End Date: 2021-11-27

Start Time: 10:00

End Time: 12:00

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    ATTENTION STUDENTS AGES 12 and BEYOND This outstandingly fun & interesting class will teach you basic electrical principles. Learn what it takes to be an electrical engineer! Advance your knowledge about electronics and learn about how to create your own robots! We are living in the Twenty Second Century and electronic devices are EVERYWHERE! Show those devices that you know what they are all about! Are you interested in robotics? Then definitely take this course! Covered in this course: =============================== - Ohm's Law - DC circuits - Components such as resistors and capacitors - How to use a digital multimeter, - Classic static electricity devices, - Breadboarding - Circuit boards SPECIAL TREAT: Students will be introduced to the amazing Van de Graaff generator/Wilmhurst Generator, and much more. This course packs more information and fun into 120 minutes than any other electronics program that we know of!

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    Project materials included in class fee. Students will be able to bring home the projects they make.

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