Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Workshop (465)

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Start Date: 2022-02-04

End Date: 2022-02-26

Start Time: 16:00

End Time: 17:00

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    This course is targeted towards advanced high school students (motivated Juniors & Seniors), but anyone is welcome to apply. Syllabus below: This is a short course : Introduction to AI Machine Learning: Machine learning (ML) tools are increasingly being used by companies and governments to shape our world, and basic ML proficiency is rapidly becoming a required skill in most technical fields. It is also a deeply interesting subject that most people enjoy and find useful. This course will provide you with a solid foundation and introduce you to some state-of-the-art tools in an approachable environment. Prerequisites: Required: - Precalculus - Elementary coding ability (one programming course) Ideal: - Statistics - Calculus - Intermediate coding ability (2 courses and/or comfortable with data structures) - Python (NumPy) SYLLABUS: Week 1. Introduction to ML; Python, data structures Week 2. Regression, optimization Week 3. Simple neural networks Week 4. Convolutional neural networks, transfer learning, Project Week 5. No class. Project due. About the instructor: Rich Hakim is a PhD candidate in Neuroscience at Harvard and former student at PVNET. He studies how the brain learns to move and develops tools for brain-machine-interfacing. THIS WORKSHOP IS OPEN TO: ==================== High School Seniors FEES: ========= Course FEE: $50 ABOUT THIS COURSE: ==================== REMOTE 5 Student limit Starting Feb '22, final dates To Be Announced Total class hours scheduled: 4hrs NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES: By registering for the class, you agree to PVNet's terms and policies. All Selections are final.

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    - Precalculus - Elementary coding ability (one programming course)