Program - Entrepreneurship for Girls - Introduction - Summer 2022 (#504)

Registration Deposit: $450

Start Date: 2022-06-20

End Date: 2022-07-23

Start Time: 14:00

End Time: 16:00

  • filter_dramaClass Description

    REGISTRATION IS OPEN This is an entrepreneurship course for young women to inspire them to pursue their own ventures in college. Inventing and Entrepreneurship For the past 26 years PVNet has been a design and fabrication maker-space. We've guided inventors of all ages, and helped them prototype their inventions. GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PROGRAM ================================== This is a fantastic exploratory program for you to discover and grow. What set's PVNet programs apart from others is that your experience will be immersive and all about YOU. MENTORS - SPEAKERS & SOME OF THE SUBJECTS IN THIS COURSE ============================================== - Entrepreneurs of successful startups - Inventors - CPA - Prototyping - Manufacturing - Creating your pitch - Presenting your pitch You have the freedom to explore what is genuinely of interest to you. Work alone or with others. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ====================== Very few students receive this exceptional opportunity for professional development. What better way to start learning about how to be a professional entrepreneur than in the safe haven of PVNet. The time you spend and experience here will contribute to a successful career. If you choose to create something that can be fabricated, you will have access to the largest collection of technology in the South Bay tp design and build your invention.

  • placeAdditional Information

    Meetings days are as follows: ==================== 6/20 - 7/21 Monday - Thursday 2pm-4pm **Note: No class on 4th of July. Pitch competition: Saturday 7/23: 12:00-5:00pm (last meeting - optional) Option for class credit: A 10 unit elective accredited certificate is available for this class. Certificate processing fee: $400

  • whatshotPrerequisites

    Students must bring laptop computers