FUTURE ENGINEERS - Fusion 360 - SESSION C (#526)

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Start Date: 2022-11-01

End Date: 2022-11-24

Start Time: 17:00

End Time: 18:00

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    This class will be useful for Students, Hobbyist and Professionals to bring their ideas to light. We invite you to overcome the startup phobias many people have with a new CAD program by using our experienced trainers to undertake this exciting program and start creating in our guided instruction environment. Students, Hobbyists and professionals have all applauded the use of Fusion 360 for its versatility in creating objects that will be used in classwork in the future as well as 3D projects or other creative processes, Fusion 360 makes it possible to visualize what was in the makers mind and bring the project to a visual object. The object can be 3D printed or built with many materials. But the drawing creation is the start. Fusion 360�s parametric abilities will be helpful in updating sizes and adjusts features without having to remake your model from scratch Many see the benefits of having a 3D printing. Use a 3D printer to create custom jigs, replace plastic parts, and create miniature prototypes. You can use Fusion 360 to create designs and print at least one of your creations on our 3D printers. BENEFITS: ====================== - Supercharge your college application - Small class size = enhanced experience - High school students may improve their GPA by taking this class. - Opportunities for professional development and improved job opportunities Please note: PVNet is A Nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization and all program fees are subsidized. By registering for the class, you agree to PVNet's terms and policies. All Selections are final. No refunds or exchanges.

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    The class fee includes the cost of materials.

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