Computer Science - Professional Application Development on AWS - Fall 2022 (#543)

Registration Deposit: $1195

Start Date: 2022-08-30

End Date: 2022-12-17

Start Time: 18:30

End Time: 20:30

  • filter_dramaClass Description

    This program permits students to register at any anytime and the fee will be reduced accordingly. This program is both a course and a professional development internship. Anyone who wants to pursue a career in the software industry in tech should take this semester-long program. This is both a 10 unit elective course and a professional development internship. Most of the software occupations use some form of computer science and software. Knowledge about Unix operating system, Shell scripting, Server-side rendering, ExpressJS, NodeJS, Node Package Manager/NPM, Frontend frameworks like React, React Native, and Git Version Control. This professional-level course teaches students programming in Web App Architecture, the use of Unix commands, MYSQL database rendering, Version Control operation, Backend server maintenance, and mobile/web app development. We ask students to perform tasks in an industry-standard and professional setting. It is recommended students to master these skills early so that they can prepare for college studies and industrial works. ABOUT THIS COURSE: ================== UNITS: 10 Scheduled hours: 48 hrs. REQUIRED MATERIALS: =================== - Students are required to have a fully functional laptop, Windows or MAC, with all current software and OS updates installed. - NO tablets. LAB HOURS: ============= Friday 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Saturday 3 PM - 5 PM There will be independent lab work throughout the semester. THIS CLASS IS OPEN TO: ======================== - 9th grade - college age students - Adults seeking to learn advanced skills in coding and software development Younger ages will be considered upon request. DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE ================ $50 OFF! Get $50 off the registration fee by paying the full amount in cash. $50 BACK! PVNet alums will receive $50 back when they complete this course. ACCREDITED COURSE CERTIFICATE AVAILABLE ================================ 10 UNIT ELECTIVE! qet a 10 unit WASC accredited graded elective course certificate that is accepted by colleges when submitted with your high school transcripts. Administrative Fee: $400 BENEFITS: =========== - Small class size = more attention - Supercharge your college application - Enhanced experience - Opportunities for professional development - Students may improve their GPA by taking this class prior to taking it at their school or in college. - Excellent for improving job opportunities Please note: no refunds or exchanges and all selections are final upon registration.

  • placeAdditional Information

    Students are required to complete an interview before registering for this class. Please email education@pvnet with the subject: "Post APCS Software Development" to arrange an interview.

  • whatshotPrerequisites

    Students must have successfully completed an AP CS A level course. Students are required to have a fully functional laptop, Windows or MAC, with all current software and OS updates installed.