General Internship - High School - 2022 (#567)

Start Date: 2023-02-04

End Date: 2023-06-17

Start Time: 14:00

End Time: 20:00

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    Students may join apply and join anytime. IMPORTANT: If you have not been interviewed & received notification of acceptance please go here: If you received notification of acceptance: ============================= Welcome to your final step to register and start your internship. Click on REGISTER to proceed. GENERAL INFORMATION ================== This is a fantastic year round exploratory internship to help interns discover, grow, and become immersed. PVNet Internships are entirely customizable and centered around YOU. Interns have the freedom to explore and find something that is genuinely of interest. Students are encouraged to take at least one class in combination with the internship. In addition to the unprecedented privilege of coming to PVNet during all open hours, interns are invited to participate in unannounced workshops, activities, and receive discounts for most courses which are offered and taught by PVNet. Interested in research? Coding? Computer games? Graphic design? Robotics? Video/Audio editing or production? Biology? Engineering and design? (there's much more!) PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ====================== Interns also help to run PVNet Academy for STEM. What better way to start learning about how to be a professional than in the STEM ecosystem of PVNet. The experience you have here will contribute to a successful career. THE BEST WAY TO START! ================== The ideal start for interns is to identify subjects that are most interesting and take the classes, learn the basics, apply your skills, and if it's not your thing you can try another one. If you find yourself intrigued and enjoy it, start researching, planning, and creating. Go in depth and complete a project. Work by yourself or with fellow explorers. With access to the largest collection of technology in the South Bay, there is much to choose from!

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    Exploratory Internship.

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