Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Introduction (#572)

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Start Date: 2022-10-05

End Date: 2022-12-17

Start Time: 17:00

End Time: 18:30

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    ATTENTION COMPUTER SCIENCE STUDENTS: This course is critical to take before going to college. The way we think about and approach programming has changed dramatically in recent years. AI and its many powerful tools has made it imperative that coders become familiar with it at the youngest age possible. This course sets the stage for an introduction to the field of AI and Machine Learning using Python. We highly recommend it to students to learn it now rather than when they're in college and faced with it for the first time. Machine learning (ML) tools are increasingly being used by companies and governments to shape our world, and basic ML proficiency is rapidly becoming a required skill in most technical fields. It is also a deeply interesting subject that most people enjoy and find useful. This course will provide you with a solid foundation and introduce you to some state-of-the-art tools in an approachable environment. PREREQUISITES =========== - Pre-Calc - Basic coding experience TOPICS COVERED ===================== - Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning - Abstract data types - Abstract data structures - Writing algorithms - Solving problems CLASS TIMES ====================== Wednesday 5-6:30 PM Saturday 10-11:30 AM SAVE $50 OFF REGISTRATION - GET A FRIEND TO REGISTER TOO. (limit is 3) By registering for the class, you agree to PVNet's terms and policies. All selections are final.

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    Students must bring their laptop

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    Pre-Calc Basic coding experience