FUTURE ENGINEERS - Asteroid Laser Earth Defense Project - (#651)

Start Date: 2023-09-06

End Date: 2023-10-18

Start Time: 16:30

End Time: 18:30

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    Ages 13-18 NEWS FLASH: NASA needs your ideas to design super laser deflectors to save the earth! There are over 10,000 known near earth asteroids. Lasers create the fastest energy to change an asteroid's path so it misses the earth. This perfectly safe hands on class explores NASA's idea to use laser ablation to redirect an asteroid to avoid a collision with earth. LEARN THIS NEW WORD: ABLATION ========================= When the laser beam hits the asteroid, it heats up the surface of the asteroid really quickly. This extreme heat causes the surface of the asteroid to vaporize or turn into gas. This is called ablation. The vaporized material shoots off into space like a small jet engine pushing the asteroid away from earth. Join this team and be a member to create this amazing system! BENEFITS: ====================== - Colleges will bow to you when they read your application - Small class size = enhanced experience - You will learn future technology that schools don't even know about! - You may love this class so much that you want to learn more & work for NASA! By registering for the class, you agree to PVNet's terms and policies. All Selections are final. No refunds or exchanges.

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    The class fee includes the cost of expensive materials.

  • whatshotPrerequisites

    Some coding skills