Game Design with Unity 3D and Blender LEVEL 1 - (657)

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Start Date: 2023-10-28

End Date: 2023-12-16

Start Time: 16:00

End Time: 18:00

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    LOVE GAMING? THIS FUN CLASS IS FOR YOU. Overview: This class will teach you how to use Unity 3D & Blender which are the top programs used in game design but also in fields such as aerospace, biology, biotech, robotics and many more. NO CLASS during THANKSGIVING BREAK. (11/25/23) Want a free class? Students who successfully complete this course are eligible to join the Game Design Club team and work to create a 1st person shooter game.. NOTE TO PARENTS: This class bridges the gap between Computer Science & Digital Art. Student who complete this course will receive a 5 unit elective course certificate. Unity 3D works across almost every computer platform to create highly realistic immersive games. Students will learn how to create their own game levels and character models along with animations. This course will also introduce coding which is crucial for game design projects and other real world programming tasks. ATTENTION: DESIGN & MEDIA ARTS STUDENTS: ============================= Learning Unity 3D and Blender will help you become comfortable with and motivated to learn graphic arts and 3D design. Used worldwide for game, movies, animations, engineering, modeling, and more, Blender and Unity 3D will give an ENORMOUS advantage to media art majors. Students will learn to use animation software that enables them to create their own characters. BENEFITS: ====================== - Supercharge your college application - Small class size = enhanced experience - High school students may improve their GPA by taking this class. - Opportunities for professional development and improved job opportunities

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  • whatshotPrerequisites

    - Desktop or laptop Computer with mouse - Unity 3D & Blender software installed (free to download) - Headset with attached microphone to use with Zoom (must have)