General Internship Fall 2023 (#664)

Registration Deposit: $1150

Start Date: 2023-08-26

End Date: 2023-12-16

Start Time: 00:00

End Time: 00:00

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    LATE STARTS ARE ACCEPTED - register anytime during the Fall or Spring semesters or summer. ATTENDANCE: There is no minimum or maximum attendance requirement for Internship. We have found that students come in because it's "their" place and their interests which draw them in. After registration, please complete the form located at this link: The Internship program requires that you register for a minimum of 1 class in combination with the internship to provide an area of focus. GENERAL INFORMATION ================== You can pick your own time slots throughout the week according to your schedule, provided you meet the 6 hour per week minimum. Interns may come in at any time M - F between the hours of 2pm and 8pm to meet, along with 2pm to 8pm on Saturdays. As an intern, you can come and work on your own personal projects at the PVNet space during any open hours. *Discover who you really are through Internship. This is a fantastic exploratory program to help you discover, grow, and become immersed in many different areas of interest. Interns spend a minimum of 6 hrs weekly learning PVNet operations which in turn serve the community. These hours count towards Presidential Award, Community Service, & Volunteering hours. Interns are required to become familiar with using VR technology by learning about it and practicing at least 1 hour weekly. Each Internship is unique, therefore Interns have the freedom to explore and find subjects and technologies that interest them. In addition to the unprecedented privilege of coming to PVNet during all open hours, interns are invited to participate in private workshops, events and activities. Want to explore research? Coding? Computer games? 3D printing? Graphic design? Robotics? Video/Audio editing or production? Biotech? Engineering and design? These and many more are available. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ====================== Start learning how to be a professional. The experience you have here will prepare you and contribute to a successful career. PREPARE FOR YOUR FUTURE ==================== The ideal start for interns is to identify subjects that are most interesting and take the classes, learn the basics, apply your skills, and if it's not your thing there are many more to explore. You can go in depth and complete a project. Work by yourself or with fellow explorers. We provide Interns access to the largest collection of career based technology in the South Bay, and it's here for you.

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    Exploratory Internship, to be linked with 1 course.

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