Landslides in RPV - GIS & Spatial Analysis: An Applied Study of Landslides on the Palos Verdes Peninsula (#668)

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Start Date: 2023-09-16

End Date: 2023-12-16

Start Time: 10:00

End Time: 12:00

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    This course is taught by 2 leading experts in the field of GIS for both raster and vector analysis. This course focuses on landslides. This class limited to 8th - 12th grade only GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is a class of software used to map, manage, analyze and present complex information that is location-based, or spatial in nature. It is a crucial tool for anyone considering studying or working in environmental sciences and ecology; geography, geology and other earth sciences; regional planning and demographics; military strategy and tactics; logistics; and more. This hands-on, 14-week course will introduce students to the principles of spatial thinking, the practice of managing and analyzing data in two- and three-dimensions, and ultimately the presentation of data and analysis to others. Taking advantage of the increased interest in landslides in our Palos Verdes community, the course will focus on the geology, geography and topography of Palos Verdes. There will be 1 or more field trip to a land slide location to asses the area and also to perform remote sensing (collecting high resolution data with a specialized drone). DISCOUNT: ============ Girls discount: $30 (If payment is in cash) (cash payments must be made in person at PVNet) A WASC accredited 5 unit high school elective certificate is included upon successful completion of this course. This certificate is accepted by colleges. BENEFITS: ====================== - Once in a lifetime opportunity - Professional level exposure - Networking opportunities - Supercharge your college application - Small class size = enhanced experience - Opportunities for professional development and improved job opportunities All selections are final. No refunds or exchanges.

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    NOTE: This class will not be meeting thanksgiving break November 25th. Students must bring a laptop computer and a Smartphone

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