Kerbal Space Program SEPTEMBER 2023 (#671)

Registration Deposit: $220

Start Date: 2023-09-02

End Date: 2023-09-30

Start Time: 14:00

End Time: 16:00

  • filter_dramaClass Description

    Kerbal Space Program is somewhat like a NASA simulator except it's set in a fictional star system on the planet Kerbin. Players purchase various rocket parts, put them together, and then see if they can get their ship into orbit, to one of Kerbin’s two moons, or even to another planet. The star system closely resembles our own, but the planet is populated with cute green characters reminiscent of the minions in the movie Despicable Me. Given Kerbal Space Program's accurate modeling of rocket construction and the and trial-and-error processes that ground rocket science, it could easily integrate into math, physics, or engineering classrooms. For instance, teachers could supplement a lesson with homework in Kerbal Space Program, asking students to achieve orbit and record the stats of their rockets for comparison. In Kerbal Space Program, students set goals, build rockets, evaluate mission results, change designs, and try again. It offers a solid simulation and students who take the time to observe flight readouts and toy with the ship’s trajectory will learn fundamentals of rocket science and realistic, modern-day space flight. Super Fun & Educational 5 Week Camp This course introduces kids to technologies, which enables them to start understanding what they like to do and what they're good at doing. As a result, this course helps prepare students for more advanced courses and increases their chances for success when they start college. Students really enjoy these exciting new emerging technologies with award-winning, kid-friendly platforms. Student should bring water. Parents must agree to avoid any sugary food or drink before class and in any snacks.

  • placeAdditional Information

    Students will use pvnet computers which has the kerbal program installed. Parents are encouraged but not required to have a home license for kerbal so students can practice at home.

  • whatshotPrerequisites

    Pre-algebra is recommended