Code Wizards: A Summer Adventure into Programming- STEM U (#814)

Start Date: 2024-07-22

End Date: 2024-08-02

Start Time: 13:00

End Time: 15:00

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    Get a $30 rebate when you sign up for both #809 & #810 Step into the future with coding in our STEM summer camp! This camp is the perfect gateway for kids to explore the foundational skills of coding through the lens of visual arts and interactive design. Students really enjoy these exciting new emerging technologies with award-winning, kid-friendly platforms. Learning outcomes: - Understanding of basic programming concepts - Development of problem-solving skills - Proficiency in creative coding - Insights into digital art and design - Foundation for advanced programming languages - Understanding of data visualization Parents must agree to avoid any sugary food or drink before class.

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    Get a $30 rebate when you sign up for both #809 & #810 Fee includes cost of materials

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