Game Design - Unreal Engine - Fall 2024 (#853) GA1 AR1

Start Date: 2024-08-28

End Date: 2024-12-14

Start Time: 15:30

End Time: 18:30

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    Note: There are no classes on holidays. DO YOU LIKE EPIC GAMES? ================== Fortnite, Gears of War, the Infinity Blade series, and many other hugely successful games were made with Unreal Engine. Here is your chance to learn to use the tools that build incredibly popular games. Unreal Engine is a Game Development Engine & Blender is an internationally acclaimed 3D modeling program. Guinness World Record named Unreal Engine as the "most successful video game engine". You will learn how to use Unreal Engine's visual scripting feature, which allows an easy way to build games even without prior knowledge. This class will teach how to build a simple platform game, and in the process introduce the basics of designing characters using blender. Attention Parents: ============ Yes - there is a future in this. Unreal is currently working closely with Nvidia and AI. Who is using Unreal Engine? Aerospace, Engineering, Automotive, Pharma, Biotech, Neurotic, Robotics, AI, Tesla, and many others. Recently, the revenue from the worldwide gaming market was estimated at around 347 billion U.S. dollars and growing fast, with the mobile gaming market generating an estimated 248 billion U.S. dollars of the total. Yes - there is a future in this. DESIGN & MEDIA ARTS STUDENTS: ============================= Blender helps students become motivated to learn graphic arts and 3D design. Used worldwide for movies, animations, modeling, etc, it is an excellent precursor for media art majors who must learn Maya. Students will learn to use software to create their own characters and assets. BENEFITS: ====================== - Supercharge your college application - Get ahead of other students in this field - Small class size = enhanced experience - High school students may improve their GPA by taking this class - Opportunities for professional development and improved job opportunities - Increases acceptance rates for internship applications in this field NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES: By registering for the class, you agree to PVNet's terms and policies. All Selections are final.

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    Students: if your laptop can run Unreal Engineer & Blender, you are encouraged to bring it to class.

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