Minecraft Modding - Intro For Beginners - Computer Science - Summer 2024 (#864) CS1 GA1

Start Date: 2024-06-25

End Date: 2024-08-08

Start Time: 14:00

End Time: 16:00

  • filter_dramaClass Description

    All program fees shown are subsidized by PVNet philanthropy and offered to students at below actual cost. If you love Minecraft - you will be incredibly happy with this course! IN THIS COURSE: Students will: - learn the fundamentals of creating mods for Minecraft. - how to set up their system for modding, create their own Minecraft server, and create mods that include teleportation, quick building, dance parties, and mini games. This incredibly fun course will introduce students to basic principles of coding in Java and Python. If you are a Minecraft fan then there's no better way to learn to code than with Minecraft. Java and Python are used extensively in most industries and are the defacto standards worldwide. This course utilizes Minecraft to teach the foundations of computer science and basic programming, with an emphasis on helping students develop logical thinking and problem solving skills. The course utilizes a blended classroom approach. The content is fully web-based, with students writing and running code. Lessons consist of hands-on programming practices, which ensures student gain a thorough understanding of the material. BENEFITS ====================== - Small class size = more attention - Supercharge your college application - Enhanced experience - Opportunities for professional development - Students may improve their GPA by taking this class prior to taking it at their school or college. - Excellent for improving job opportunities QUESTIONS? ====================== Please submit your questions by email to: Education@PVNet.com with the subject: Minecraft Modding

  • placeAdditional Information

    Students who come to in person class meetings: - bring laptop computer with current updates installed. (no chromebooks) - bring a USB thumb drive to save work - have an email account

  • whatshotPrerequisites

    Must know basic algebra